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Thread: Video Play Problems

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    Ok So I Downloaded These Video Files And When I Go To Play Them It Says "Aquiring License" Then A Blank Window Pops Up With A Cancel Button And Nothing Ever Hapens So I Can't View The Videos. What The Heck Is Up With This And How Do I Fix It?

    -Spirit Of Elladen

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    get videolan mate and dont use wmp to watch movies , simple

    get it here
    VLC videolan

    or install k-lite codec pack and use bsplayer to watch you movies

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    I Attepmted To Do That And It Didn't Work. I Dunno If I'm Doing It Wrong Maybe?

    -Spirit Of Elladen

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    you sure you tried installing the k-lite codecs?, if so which one?

    and what is the file extension? (avi, mpg, etc.)

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    Which version of windows media player have you got installed on your comp?

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    Ok First, Where Do I Get New Codecs and Secind I Think I Have Version 8 Of Windows Media Player.

    -Spirit Of Elladen

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    As Delphin said just download Videolan. Do not use Windows Media Player.

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    I Tried Using Videolan, It Won't Play It. It Says That It Is But I See Nor Hear Anything.

    -Spirit Of Elladen

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    I am having the exact same problem as you are. Even trying to view video files with video lan, it seems to be playing something, but, I can't see or hear anything.


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