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Thread: On The Front Page Of Freedb

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    Anonymous Coward writes "Benny Valerio Band - Texas Thunder
    You are in violation of U.S. copyright laws by distributing the copyrighted cover songs contained on Texas Thunder by Benny Valerio. This information has been given to attorneys representing both Benny Valerio and the music
    publishing companys who own the copyrights to the cover songs on Texas Thunder. Maybe you have not heard but the RIAA is making examples of people like you. Nobody likes a thief, I would suggest you remove it from your website.
    Paul Domsalla
    Producer of Texas Thunder "

    This is what we have to deal with day by day - often by e-mail, this time posted as news!
    We also receive quite a few e-mails from people asking how to download music files from our service.

    If people took just a few minutes to read our FAQ, it would save all parties a lot of trouble.

    To make it clear once and for all:
    freedb is an indexing service providing disc information like artists, titles, etc. and has NEVER, does NOT and will NEVER offer any music files for download.

    Who the fuck is Texas Thunder?

    Leave our freedb alone.We upload information when Ripping local Bands CDs that FreeDB does not have.

    Plan Of Man - Alchemy

    There is just one that I have done.So it helps other Fans out when Ripping Music or looking for Information.Remember that.

    *Even though I have noticed freedb does not work sometimes when uploading information from CDs.Or at least for me. *

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    Damn I'm glad I aint the webmaster for a high-profile website. Then ide have to put up with a bunch of crap like that. Plus I'm not witty and creative enough to make a fool out of anyone who sends me hatemail like Maddox.

    But yes, leave Freeb alone. Go send threats to Google for indexing a web site that has mp3s to download.

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    i've sent in a few listings for them aswell, what a fucktard that guy was, thinking they are distributing his crap. the band should have been glad they sold a cd... ah well


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