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Thread: Sdram To Ddr

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    I looked around through all of the posts and I didn't see anything like this yet.

    I want to know if it is worth it to get some ddr pc2100 and take out the pc133 that I have in my computer now.

    I currently have 512MB and want to know if I will get much better performance with 1024MB. I want to know if I will notice a difference not what any benchmarks say.

    Also wondering if putting in pc2700 will work o.k.. I figure that if I can get them for the same price, why not get something that will be useful longer. I would be able to put this in a newer motherboard someday and maybe make use of the better rating rather than just buy pc2100 and wish it was a little bit faster down the road.

    My specs are:
    Windows XP
    ECS k7S5A mainboard
    AMD 1600+ CPU
    Geoforce 4 ti 4200
    512MB sdram pc133

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    I wouldn't exactly call it an improvement. When I switched from SDRAM to DDR I gained 10%-15% overall speed. Not very much. However DDR ram allows for bigger expansion (over a gigabyte) and can be moved into a new motherboard at any time. The price is higher than SDRAM, almost double in my area. I'd say go for it, you're going to have to do it eventually.--

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    Your current rig is very nice already. You won't really notice a difference with 1024MB ddr, unless it's a workstation or something. Don't spend your money until you absolutly need to. If you ARE eventually going to do it down the road, then wait until that day comes. It's a good chance the price will have decreased by then.


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