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Thread: Speed Up Your Connection With Connection Teaming

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    Midpoint has a feature called ‘connection teaming’. Connection teaming aggregates multiple connections to the Internet for increased bandwidth. Along with connection teaming, the software splits large files being downloaded into multiple smaller parts and downloads each part at the same time along each connection.
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    the 'midpoint' website is currently unavailable

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    Does any of this stuff actually work (like cable "tweaking" or "uncapping")? I never really believed it and thought the only realistic way to improve connection speed would be to upgrade you account. Also wont ISP's pick up on you messing around and ask questions?

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    Uncapping does work but most isp's dont like you altering their equipment. Some might allow to do it to your own modem.

    If tweaking does work, it will only change things afew kB, nothing noticable.

    But logically Connection Teaming would work. As you are combining 2 different connections. It is just like modem bonding for connections that use phone lines.
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    *forehead smack* I think I get it now. lol.

    You'd still be limitted by the bandwidth cap on your physical connection, though...


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