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Thread: Worms.jpg

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    First Off, I'm Runnin ZA Pro / ProtoWall / AnonX and also have Getright DL Manager.

    I was DLin' from Bit Torrent and decided to start up Overnet (0.52). I clicked the icon, and for some reason my DL list / Transfers were not all showing up, but started to appear slowly, and my harddrive started whirling.

    Then Getright poped up saying "Getright has a file to download" which was called "Worms.jpg". And the source was shown as
    When this came up I cancelled it and shut Overnet down right away, but it had not connected to the network by this time.

    Anyone know why/how this would happen? Was worried that I had a virus or trojan but Virus scanner comes back with nothing.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    could be that you told getright to download jpg files, and overnet's banner made it think it was a jpeg so it downloaded it.

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    Cheers, I think something similar happened, though eventually AVG did tell me I had a trojan which I believe was unrelated.


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