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Thread: Ebooks

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    i have downloaded an ebook.... what do i do with it.... nothing seems to happen when i double click the icon....but if i look in task monitor the program is running.....

    any ideas


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    what's the file size of the ebook???.....

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    Most Ebooks are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). Try downloading the free Adobe 5 reader at

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    umm no most are in ebook format you need to get an ebook reader that is also an adobe program

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    what program is running??? ebooks are not programs....they are generally as the other ppl said
    Most Ebooks are in Adobe Acrobat form (.pdf)
    there isn't suppose to be a program running

    what i meant was the ebook isn't suppose to be running as a solitary opens with adobe

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    ebooks are files.... they can be opened w/ an adobe program.... blahz!....

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    it has come up as a program called sharedprem.exe and it has also found its way into c:\windows file....

    even though i have not touched it for a couple of days, when i try to shut down windows tries to close this program but cant. only option is to (end now). it must be starting up when i start windows...


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    Run a system scan with an AV program and with adaware.

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