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Thread: Filesharing With Your Friends.....

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    Does anyone know if it's possible to search for files from a specific user without having to find one of their files and then click "Find more from same user"? Because I have some files that I pretty much only have (because there my own song recordings) and my friends have an impossible time finding them.

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    No its impossible to search for a specific user on kazaa

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    sadly no. but with everybody asking constantly, maybe it will be in future versions of klite.

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    If it's a direct connection with friends you want, you might consider setting up ftp - there are instruction in the lounge for setting it up.

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    u could also try soulseek. u can set up rooms with friends and share there
    ice ice baby

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    It's not impossible, just involved.

    Use specified keywords in the files- your username for example. If you use KaZuperNode you can meet your friends on the same Supernode.
    Then use the search.

    It works.

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    simply setup your own FTP... I use Serv-U

    simply works by ip, port and user.pass to access your files


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