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Thread: Circle Virtual Cd.

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    Saw a write-up on Circle Virtual CD which seemed a great way to access software installation stuff.
    So, downloaded it and created an image of my HP printer CD software and saved it on my hard drive.
    I cant seem to open this image by the usual means. On referring to the article about the program, the guy says "Keep the file on your hard disk and simply "mount" it when needed" Can anyone explain what it is that I need to do to "mount" it. The program itself has only 2 buttons which say ..1."Create CD image" and 2. "Insert CD image" Having created the cd I assumed that "insert" meant it would give me access to it, but it just shows the file on the drive, but doesnt open it.

    Appreciate any help please. Many Thanks

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    Okay, I've never used that program, so I don't know a thing about it's integrity. I would highly recommend Daemon-Tools which is , small, free, and supports plug-ins.

    What you have to "mount" is the CD image. It'll have a cd image extension like".ISO" or ".BIN" or ".CUE" or any of the many other image formats out there. Now, with Daemon-Tools, I use the front-end, made by Aldo and associated it with that so whenever I have to mount a CD image, I just double-click on the file. I know that Daemon-Tools also has plug-ins that allow you to have extra options in th context menu, but, like I've said, I've never used Circle Virtual CD.

    So, I would either try to look for a feature like those or uninstall the program you have a try Daemon-Tools.

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