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Thread: Schedule Multiple Mantainace Tasks To Run

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    How can i schedule multiple maintanance tasks to run one after another in a certain order from the click of a button? I want to run like Norton Update, Norton Antivirus Scan, Norton One Button Checkup, Adaware Update, Adaware Scan, Windows Washer, Diskeeper defrag on all 4 partions one after another, and maybe some other stuff as well like RegSeeker.

    Any ideas? I know about schedule task manager, but that wont actually run the software scanning automaticly.. it justs opens it up.. any ways to add those special schedule tasks that automaticly scan? I know Norton previously added an antivirus scan thing, but I turned it off because it ran at a certain time without asking. I'd rather have it plus other stuff run one after another at the click of a single button to fire em up.

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    Im sure theres a better solution than this...
    Its been a while-but there s a program called NeoBook -
    (get older version-its free)

    with it you can make your own program -
    which launches any other progam you want
    and you can set it to either make the mouse cursor actually clik the buttons you want automated or to press certain keys which trigger things in the program you want.

    The interface of this program is really underestimated.

    It will take a while before you work it out

    must be a simpler way
    try -


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