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Thread: Dawn Of The Dead 2004 Mpg Re-encoding Problem

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    I have a copy as described above, but it can't ruddy re-encode it to play on my DVD player.
    TMPGEnc crashes
    Canopus encodes, but just gives me another unusable file
    Direct burn from Nero says it will re-encode although is too big (I could split it I suppose) but god knows what the syncronisation will be like
    Neo DVD flies along but then hangs about 1/3 of the way through. (Perhaps I need a good mpeg repair program.)

    The file is 771 meg downloaded from Ares. I can't give many more specifics as it crashes everything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thx in advance

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    i had a problem like this

    i just un installed tmpgenc and downloaded it again as i though it might hav somethin 2 do wit almost runin out of free trial

    pm me for a seriel

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    TPMGEnc has no problems encoding any other files, just the poorly encoded mpg, wrong video ratio, wrong sound khz, etc.

    Does anyone know a good fixer and I think NEO DVDplus will re-code it correctly. It hangs at the same point each time so I think there must be an error at that point also. No other program will look at it, however, it plays fine on Windows Media Player.

    I have a good avi fixer, but nothing for mpg

    Please :helpsmile:

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    o soz i didnt realise u had a prob with the mpeg file

    try this:

    Mpeg Corrector

    u can get it frm

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    Check the integrity of your HD might be a damaged file sytem(sector on HD) that are causing this during encoding due to the scratch disk used.

    To Little HD space left might be an issue?

    I would not recommend encoding unless you have any lesser then about 8GB of free space left!.

    Interferring software during encode

    Turn of any Antivirus scanners and Defraggers that you might have running in the background!

    Always start encoding and or burning from a fresh boot so that you have fresh RAM to use!.

    The file you are trying to reencode might be a XSVCD those files cannot be rencoded to standard compliant SVCD again. But that would not explain why the burning also fails?

    Are you using Nero Vison Express? If so try using standard Burning Rom instead!. You should not let Nero reencode it as that almost always give out crap files!. If you get a warning about it not beeing standard compliant just uncheck the make Standard Compiant option first before you burn and if you are lucky your DVD player will play it anyway. My DVD player plays XSVCD's like KSVCD's without a problem!.

    And ofcourse you should follow BC-UK Will Live advice also incase it might be just corrupt!.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!

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    Thanks for everyone's advice. Found an MPEG fixer, however this didn't help. Ended up being able to re-code with Ulead DVD factory (must be the worst program ever) It made the file about 10% to big to fit onto a DVD. (From a 700m .mpg file that's quite an effort). Used DVD shrink to fit onto disk.

    Why does everything have to be so hard

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    You might find re-encoding with VirtualDub an easy way of reducing the filesize to a level Nero will handle.

    Your best bet is to look at the audio and if its higher than 128kbs you will save a lot of megs knocking it down to this level without losing any video quality or any appreciable loss in sound quality.

    The other way is to alter the compression by reducing the bitrate, especially if it's well over 900 (much less than 900 and you'll compromise video quality). As a rough guide a bitrate reduction of 50 gives you a file saving of 20 megs.
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    also , sometime movies are encoded with ac3 audio, and you need demux the audio with virtualdubmod,
    then use tmpgenc to convert just the vid file and not the audio

    Then bring them back together in tmpgenc dvd author , and it will work fine

    check if the avi file is ac3 with gspot or avicodec


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