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Thread: Longhorn 3 D

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    Thought this was funny . Now you have to update your video card for a OS ?

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    Of course, by the time this is out I gfx card that this supports will only cost like 20 bucks.

    To get better performance you gotta have better hardware.
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    i doubt i'll use Longhorn m8.These os's are only good for on display to sell your latest p4 64 bit etc from the store most use third part apps bundle'd software for video themes or disable everything for performance.dx9 n agp4x is a bit...plenty peeps still use 64mb pci like g4mx

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    so basically all you need to have is a graphics card with direct x 9...since all of them are 4x or higher, and they all have more than 64mb ram (and some may have right on)...

    so you need a radeon 9500 or higher, or a geforce fx 5200 or higher...yes this system will run it...

    and by the time longhorn is out, these cards will be as cheap as an mx440, maybe cheaper, so everyone could afford one.

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    From what I hear, Longhorn will be a DRM filled piece of crap.

    Anyway, if I do use it, I'd have the visual themes off (like I do in current XP). I seriously don't give a shit if there is some 3d model spinning around my start menu.

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    i do,

    if im gonna be sat inform of this screen all day i want it to look good
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    lol did u know that u could make lh all wavy n crap even if ur running the win2k theme?

    its funny lol. in the new 1 u can click the start menu and a wave will travel along the taskbar. one of the screen savers makes the desktop very ripply so that the colors are all over the place, but when u move ur mouse, you dont exit the screensaver u just make more ripples (like dragging ur finger in a small puddle ) u hit a keyboard key to escape


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