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Thread: Supernode Change

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    In the pinned 'which kazaa version is best...' thread there is a mention of a good supernode to connect to ''. How do I connect to this Supernode

    PS: Running Kazalite resurrection 0.0.7, winXP, got Kazaasupernodes installed.

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    You can fill in that data in KaZupernodes.

  3. File Sharing   -   #3 Isn't an IP address.

    Do i just put'' in Nslookup to find the Ip address and then enter that with the port number?

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    it is an ip address just put it in boss

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    As you said, i entered '' into the new supernode IPORT field and it said 'Invalid IP' , NSlookup shows the IP as

    Is there a new version that will let you enter a URL as well as an IP? I have Kazupernodes 1.4.8 rc2

    PS: I put and that worked.

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    i had never tried that one sorry glad you got it sorted tho


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