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    Hello, I just got the virus Win32 SurNova D. I had to redo my system because there is no anti virus soft ware out there that can actually get rid of it. Well actually it forced me too my system went nut's when I rebooted and my mouse quit working. My window screen loaded up like it was in safe mode but nothing else would happen and when I noticed on my task bar it said Win32. Well now I got this bull dog anti virus and saw that it has already blocked 3 of them darn virus's. When I first started Kazaa I never got no virus and all of a sudden it's everywhere, or is just me? I have been useing kazaa for around a week now. Has anybody else ever got it?

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    A quick search for Win32 SurNova D and I found this helpful info...

    There are instructions for removal. But get help if you don't understand.

    First, disconnect yourself from the internet and be sure you've fixed the problem.

    Second, be careful when using Kazaa as virii are everywhere. Don't download any executable files (ending in .exe) unless you are absolutely sure they are ok (always look at the file name before downloading).Try learning and using the verifieds software section of this forum.

    Third, get yourself a good antivirus. And update it weekly! AVG by Grisoft is freely available here and offers free updates as well. There are others available but you may have to purchase them.

    Lastly, don't get back on the internet until you are 100%, absolutely sure, you've removed any virii you may have. Otherwise you are just helping to spread it to all your friends and family(and all there friends and family, and all their freinds and family, etc, etc).

    Remember, a virus just doesn't infect your computer by itself. I mean, just running Kazaa(or any other P2P software) will not give you a virus. You have to download it at some point yourself.

    Piece of cake. Just question everything and be paranoid. It helps.

    I'm sure others will chime in with advice...

    p.s What do you mean by "redo my system?"


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    who me?
    he prolly means re-install...yes?
    also another good idea if you use file sharing apps, is to set your scheduled tasks or virus software to scan your comp everyday for virii at like 3 or 4 in the morning, that way its not interfering with your computer useage.

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    Yeah... viruses are very common on Kazaa (the Fast Track Network). If you would like to avoid that, use BitTorrent or IRC, may help. BitTorrent is much easier.
    You can go to the BT section of this forum for more info.

    Okay, now when download files, there are some things you need to protect yourself. This is a post I made a while ago with some tips on internet security that may help you.

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