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Thread: From A To B

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    Originally posted by [B
    [O][T],8 May 2004 - 01:12] From A to B

    It took me a while to find out Actually where this guy is going

    This guy is biking from Norway to the USa

    "The Route
    And so it begins: From Å to B - (or "Å reise fra A til B" - as they say in Norwegian&#33.
    On about May 3rd I'm going to fly over to Norway. I'll fly to Bodø and getting a ferry across to Sørvågen and I'll cycle the few miles to Å. I'll stay a couple of days - check out the fishing - and then on head back to Bodø and head for Mo i Rana getting there on May 9th, before heading over the Swedish Border on May 11th.

    "Att Resa från A till B" - The longest I'll be in any country in Europe. Hooray! I'm going to go from Klippen, Storuman, the South, before heading East to Stockholm. I'll head across Southwest to Malmo by about 26 May before heading over to Copenhagen.

    I'm only going to be in Denmark for about 3 days, from teh 28 May - going down to Rodbyhaven via Vordingborg - and then grabbing a ferry over to Puttgarden, Germany.

    From Puttgarden, I'm going to head down to Hamburg, then Bremen, and West towards the Netherlands.

    The Netherlands
    After Groningen I shall head South to Zwolle, then Southwest to Utrecht, then to Eindhoven and then South to Maastricht.

    From Maastricht - which is apparently almost in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Very nice. - I'll head to Leuven (home of Stella Artois) onto Brussels (on about May 29) and then onto St Quentin in France.

    From St Quentin I'll head onto Paris, then Rouen, Then Abbeville, and then Calais. Where I shall escape back to England. Home Sweet Home.

    What I do from here depends on how I'm going to get to the USA. Ideally - I would to grab a liner/ship/tanker from Southampton to New York, but this is looking unlikely now, so odds-on I'll be flying from Heathrow to New York JFK.
    I don't want to fly across the Atlantic - it's not intrepid/romantic/exciting - but I'll do it if I can't get a cheap/free ship across the ocean.

    I should be landing in New York in early July. I'm going to take a couple of days to readjust to land - and then head North to Albany, and onwards into Canada.

    I should be in Ottawa (where I was conceived) by the third week of July - and then head West to Toronto, before heading further Southwest to Windsor - and crossing back into the USA, and Detroit.

    and back into the USA
    From Detroit, I'll head to Chicago, and then West into Des Moines, into Nebraska: at Omaha, then the state capital: Lincoln, and I'm almost there.... "

    " I'm thinking of auctioning the trip on the back seat of my tandem on E-bay - to raise money for the charities. So watch this space."

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    He looks a lil too big to go all that way


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