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Thread: Problem Viewing Movies

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    I am having problems viewing a lot of movies. Can anyone help with a suggestion for codecs? I play the usual windows media player, real player, and quick time, DivX player. Is there any other ones out there that are new?

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    What you are saying you have is video players, NOT codecs. The best video player is called videolan. It will play all movies as it has all the codecs internally. If you want to play on other players, download and install the kazaalite codec pack found in the codec's section. Kazaalite Codecs

    If however the movies are playing, but are just a black screen you probably have downloaded crap & not real movies. Ensure that you preview them with avi preview after downloading a small amount. You can also preview .dat files with videolan. Videolan

    Hope this helps

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    Videolan mate

    Videolan vlc

    forget using wmp or quicktime to watch movies , this is far better

    lol swamp you beat me by a second


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