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Thread: I Need Help On Router Problems

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    hello, my stupid 2wire sbc yahoo dsl router is a btich for uploading and downloading torrents. I keep having like 8kb/sec for average speed when it should be 150kb/sec. I don't know much about computers, but i don't recall installing any "firewall" so yeah......i talked to people about this in another forum and some guy gave me this link

    so yeah, i looked it up, but still can't find my model, or actually i don't know what my model name is ......can someone help ? i want to help people up and increase my stats and the only way to do that is to figure out somehow to speed up this router

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    I guess the best place to start would be to identify your router.

    Do you have a box that is between your modem and your PC? Give us a description of it. Any label, markings, numbers, etc.

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    it's the thing that is to the very left of this picture in this link :

    that thing with the 3 left corner of the screen...

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    HomePortal 1000S

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    This should help Add Application Profiles

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    sorry to jump on ur case here but...

    even if u do open the ports, SBC has all BT ports blacklisted, and uploads are always slow on DSL anyways lol.

    u ever bothered calling SBC cust. support?

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    no, i can never reach them, i keep on getting busy signals and automated voices when i try calling.

    so what do you mean "blacklisted"? they block every fuckin port in existance? so you're saying there's a million other people facing my same problem and they too can't do anything about it?

    i find it a little rediculous....i mean, it's safe from hackers and stuff i guess. but stil, as far as downloading, IT"S A PAIN IN THE ASS!!!.......4kb/sec...............8kb/sec.......12kb/sec...........damn it!! it SHOULD BE 150kb/SEC!!!


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