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Thread: Download Problems

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    Is it just me or am I just doing something wrong. I have only managed to download one game and actually get it to work. I have tried at least 20 other game's and none of em work that I download from kazaa. Most freeze's up when trying to play em or a driver is missing. Even worse there is one game that I want real bad and when I actually find it and I install it, all the file's are zipped up indavidually except one program that is suppose to install it and everytime I install it I get error's. So is it just me or is it rare to actually download a game that work's?

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    Dude kazaa sucks 4 games. Go 2 bittorent or sumthin like that kind of program.
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    Bittorent? What's that? The only game I did download and it worked it said in the description you don't have to have a password and no key something and don't have to pay for it. The game actually worked heh. You said Bittorrent or something like that program. Is there other program's you can download game's from?

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    check the bit in the forum re filesharing that should give you some idea. there are guides etc. there are a few p2p type programs out there, Kazaa is no longer one of the better ones

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    edit: Sorry, wrong topic

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    since you are new , mIRC would probably work best for you , i think. If you download games on kazaa there is a high chance that it is corrupted or its a fake file. mIRC Guide


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