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Thread: 80gb Hd Split To Reformat

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    I have a 80GB hard drive and split it 40 / 40 .
    Now its split is there anyway I can reformat one single drive acting as 2 drives?
    Example C: is not reformated while D: is formated in one drive, is that possible?
    Having 1 drive splitting into two acting as two drives. Can one be formated or does it have to be reformated as a single drive?
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    If you partition a hard drive up, formatting each will be separate.

    Say I have a 120GB hard drive. I use Fdisk partition it into 3 equal partitions of 40GB each so I have C:, D: & E:. Now I can format each one - even with different file systems.
    Remember that after partitioning using Fdisk you'll need to restart the machine before you can format the partitions.
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    So I reformat lets say C: drive (MAIN) and I leave D: drive (Secondary drive) Bothe NTFS format and the D: does not effect during a reformat of my primary C: drive? Since I need to reformat my C: drive but I have D: drive to backup my drives for C: after the reformat so I can put all the files back where it belongs(remember Im just using one 1HD). So its possible eh? Leaving one drive alone while I reformat C: drive and my D: won't take affect of my C: drive being reformatted? As my D: is still in the same condition as before reformatting my C: drive?

    Tell me If Im confusing you guys... Oh man I read this over and over again seems like someone will be confused .
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    yep mate each partition / drive can be formatted treat'd individually

    formating c will only format c

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    yes thats right, i do the same as you.

    I have two partitions, one has my windows files (c drive), and one has all my music, movies, games, driver files, setup files, etc. (d drive).

    so when windows gets messed up, i format C and then i dont have to download all of my music, etc. again.

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    Thanks guys! I thought you need to buy another drive to make back ups now I can partition 1 HD to make it into 2 HD and use the other one for backup and stuff thanks .
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