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Thread: Webgrabtool.exe ?

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    this has only started happening recently.
    ive noticed something called WebGrabTool.exe in program files>TorrentStorm>Downloader folder recently.
    WebGrabTool.exe also appears in task manager on a regular basis tanking up lots of cpu usage and memory to run when TorrentStorm 1.1 is running. TorrentStorm 1.2.1 does not have it though.

    Can someone explain.!!!??

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    i think you have an option to install it m8 with torrent storm...look in addremove for it or reinstall TS again on its own...

  3. BitTorrent   -   #3
    no i had no options. does not appear in ad/remove. appears in firewall asking for access each time i add a new download into torrentStorm client. when dont give it access torrenStorm wont download anything.
    ive tried reinstall over and over agian but nothing.

    do u know what it is and have you seen it before? maybe its part of TorentStorm 1.1 clenet

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    look at the clipboard below. its there in red. im not making it up.

    Output folder: C:\Program Files\TorrentStorm
    Extract: TorrentStorm.exe
    Extract: SplashLogo.bmp
    Output folder: C:\Program Files\TorrentStorm\Help
    Extract: About.htm
    Extract: Bittorrent.htm
    Extract: getting_started.htm
    Extract: Index.htm
    Extract: MainWindow-Simple.png
    Extract: main_window.htm
    Extract: PieceFiles.htm
    Extract: RemoveTorrent-Icon.PNG
    Extract: settings - downloaderversion.htm
    Extract: settings - options.htm
    Extract: settings - piece files.htm
    Extract: settings - save to.htm
    Extract: settings - torrent list.htm
    Extract: Settings-DownloaderVersion.PNG
    Extract: Settings-Options.PNG
    Extract: Settings-PieceFiles.PNG
    Extract: Settings-SaveTo.PNG
    Extract: Settings-TorrentListFields.PNG
    Extract: settings.htm
    Extract: Settings.PNG
    Extract: StartTransfer-Icon.PNG
    Extract: StatusLEDs.htm
    Extract: StopTransfer-Icon.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Connections.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Files.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Log.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Options.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Pieces.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Scrape.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Status.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails - Torrent.htm
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Connections.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Files.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Log.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Options.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Pieces.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Scrape.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Status.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails-Torrent.PNG
    Extract: TorrentDetails.htm
    Extract: TorrentStorm-Logo-Lighter-MedRes.png
    Output folder: C:\Program Files\TorrentStorm\Downloader
    Extract: bt33.exe
    Extract: bts586.exe
    Extract: bts587.exe
    Extract: bts587.opt
    Extract: python23.dll
    Extract: select.pyd
    Extract: WebGrabTool.exe
    Extract: zlib.pyd
    Extract: _PythIPC.pyd
    Extract: _socket.pyd
    Extract: _sre.pyd
    Extract: _ssl.pyd
    Extract: _WConio.pyd
    Extract: _winreg.pyd
    Create folder: C:\Documents and Settings\faiz2k\Start Menu\Programs\TorrentStorm
    Create shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\faiz2k\Start Menu\Programs\TorrentStorm\TorrentStorm.lnk
    Create shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\faiz2k\Start Menu\Programs\TorrentStorm\Uninstall.lnk
    Created uninstaller: C:\Program Files\TorrentStorm\Uninstall.exe

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    when i tried Ts m8 i'm positive webgrab is an add-on or spyware which had an option if to install it....

    try azureus......

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    this is so annoying. TorrentStorm 1.1 has beeb working like a charm for me up until now. are u possitive there is an option in TS 1.1 for this? can u direct me to the one u have then please?
    why would there be spyware in TorrentStorm? they guys who made it wont be so malicious as that would they?

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    No, friend. There is no spyware in TorrentStorm. I think it was related to an old Shadow's client. I'm not sure, now. I haven't used TorrentStorm in a while. It could have to do with the way that version scrapes for torrent status.

    You can get the new version. TorrentStorm 1.2.2 is out. Or you can try another client if it really bugs you. There are tons of them.

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    but 1.1 is so fast compared to 1.2.1 . i think it has something to do with the fact that 1.1 is based on the old shadow client 1.8.6 and 1.8.7. is that why? u think the latest one is going to work just as good as 1.1 ???

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    I&#39;m afraid I can&#39;t say because I&#39;m currently using Azureus. I&#39;ve been through a lot of clients, but it is so far my favorite. The plug-ins are awesome.

    I would give it a try if I were you. It&#39;s based on Shadow&#39;s new client, BitTornado. It could prove to be faster. One thing to keep in mind, TorrentStorm is only a shell to cover up the BT windows. It only has one windows, but it has a process for every torrent download, and each of those processes open hidden dos windows, which don&#39;t handle memory well to be begin with. I&#39;m saying this based on 1.1. If it has changed in recent versions, then by all means, correct me.

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    ive only ever used TorrentStorm 1.1 and 1.2.1 so i can only tell u my xperience of bittorent is very limited.
    TS 1.1 - establishes lots of connections, amazing dl speeds, but hangs/freezez up after 10 mins when WebGrabTool.exe kicks in.

    TS 1.2.1. - does not establish as many connections as it should, below average to minimal dl speeds, WebGrabTool.exe not part of this versions so there are no freezez/ hang ups.

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