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Thread: Configuring Desktop

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    what program do you use to configure your desktop?

    what do ppl recommend and what websites?

    my cousin was using one that transformed windows 98 into a xp themeish style like the start menu and the scroll bars and stuff even got changed... not just the icons

    i dunt remember the site exactly started w/

    www.a*******.com some letters dunno amount :/

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    I use WindowBlinds...and the site I download all my skins from is Great Site.

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    umm is there any way i can use a program to make a win98 look like xp? does windowblind do it?

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    umm is there any way i can use a program to make a win98 look like xp? does windowblind do it?
    Yes, Kid Dynamite already mentioned WB try that one! There's 1000th of skins.


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    i guess i should then still looking for the one my cousin used

    visit i remembered the website... it seemed like a nice program...

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    406 is a fairly good site with good wallpapers, themes, etc.

    However, why do you want 98 to look like XP ? It'll just take resources... the reasons ppl get XP over 98 aren't just the look you should probably switch to XP, it's much better than 98 if you get all the updates

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    yea i would but my com that i use is PI lolz... 32 mb ram... im getting a new com in april if you looked in hardware section... i asked ppl if my config worked n stuff... this com im using is pIII, 128mb ram... itz my parents...

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    If u already got XP, use uses half the resources that Windows Blinds uses, plus it puts all the new skins in the windows xp skin settings in display controls.. U can use some of the same theme from wb in stylexp and use less resource.. try it if ya get/got xp.

    There's also a program called DesktopX that supposed to completely redo your desktop (it can ad more stuff to it) but this is a HUGE resource hog,,,stay away from desktop x unless u got some major physical ram. 500+

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    ummm i will think about trying these lolz..


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