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Thread: Help On Creating A New Tool

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    Hi all,

    This is my situation: I'm from belgium and all the broadband providers here have a limit on howmuch we can download and upload. I have cable (Telenet) and I can download 10 gig/month (at normal speed 4 Mbps) and upload only 1,5 gig at 128 kbps. When I go over those limits my download speed drops to 128 kbps.

    I can't switch to ADSL because they do the same there's with 1 exception: they have 10 gig download and upload counted together.

    Thats the reasson nobody shares in belgium because we simple can't even when we want to. We can't use bitTORRENT either for the same reasson.

    We really hate this but there's nothing we can do and believe me, We have tried.

    My Idea was that we all share for like 30min a day.
    128 kbps Upload = 16 kB
    16 kb X 1800 sec (30min) = 28800 kB (28,8 MB)
    28,8 MB X 31 Day's = 892,8 MB
    So we have a upload of 892,8 MB a month.
    This way we won't go over the limit and we would be able to share (a bit).

    I know this is not much but I guess it will be better than how it goes now.
    And I think there outher country's where they use the same limits
    So they can benefit from this to.

    What I want is to make a tool for kazaa lite that will automatic starts when kazaa starts, enable the sharing option and disable it again after 30 min or more (and it has to stop all the current uploadings). And this only ones a day so you won't share 2 times for 30 min when you restart kazaa.

    My biggest problem is that I can't write a progam like that and I turn to you all.
    I'm looking for some poeple how can help me with this.
    If you want to volunteer or have some suggestions, pleace let me know

    Thnx for your time
    And I hope to make kazaa a little bit faster for everyone

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    First of all,speak for yourself and don't generalize the people in Belgium as non-sharers
    I'm from belgium and i share all the time.
    If you ask me you should switch from telenet to skynet because they combine ul/dl.The monthly prize is probably the same(about 75 euros per 2 months with skynet)
    And looking at your dl/ul speed you get from telenet,it's virtually the same as the speeds i get with skynet.
    The support at telenet sucks.I remember that a while back you had to pay for that
    If you cross your limit with skynet you can always buy an additional 5gig for 5euro's.

    Anyway,i don't think anyone feels like making a tool like that.
    You might as well do it manually by going to your options and dissable filesharing after 30 minutes.It just takes one click to do so.


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    The only trouble is that people might abuse the tool - eg by using it even when there are no caps on their internet service, using it as an easy excuse to stop sharing.
    Actually I think you are lucky to have 10gb a month - there is one service in England (BT) where you are only allowed 1gb a month for 19.99. (I don't use that though - my cable service just has an unofficial cap of 1gb a day).

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    na i don't think its needed. i mean its once a day after 30 minutes


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