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Thread: Trigger/public Port Used For Bt

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    I am configuring my SMC 7004VWBR barricade router and i need some information. I need to enter a single trigger port used by bittorent and then the public ports used by bittorent. Could somone please supply me with that information??? Thank you.

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    the ports for bt are 6881-6889

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    u dont happen to know the trigger port? i assume those are the public ports.

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    6969 is the trigger port if i'm not mistaken

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    i am still having so much trouble. I am pretty sure that i have forwared the ports correctly but i still get stuck on the yellow light. Also when i check the "force green light when firewalled" button, it will turn green. Anyone have any idea what else i can do. I am using an SMC Barricade 7004VWBR


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