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    okay, so i downloaded the 3 discs and scanned them with CDmage. disc 1 and 3 error free. disc 2 had 58 errors. then i pushed some random buttom then scanned it again and no errors! so i burned the 3 discs on cd-r using alcohol 120% and installed the game. during disc 2 it said something like "MAPS.SMO is corrupted" so i said ignore and then finished install and copied the crack and played the game with disc #3. (i had to put in dvd rom cuz in the cd-rw it kept saying all 3 discs were blank, strange huh???). Neways, at the beginning of the first training mission in the werehouse where the guy starts to talk, the sound goes BEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW continuously until i exit completely out of the game! so its a corrupted file i guess.

    So if ne of u had this problem, or have the working game can u please put this file in your shares or send it to me (207mb). MAPS.SMO in Sounds directory on disc 2.
    i dont wanna hafta download the entire disc again!!!
    please guys...

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    That seems like a lot of trouble dude. Downloading all of those....I would just buy it. wait i did buy it! . If you ever do buy it, and you have an xbox, get it for that! The pc version has so many bugs and bla bla and the xbox gaphics are so sweet! with the dolby 5.1 it sounds like you there. Especially in the NSA level when you have to go down those dark hallways. GOD YOU HAVE TO GET THAT GAME!!!!! DO ANYTHING IT TAKES MAN ITS GREAT GAME!!!!! It's at least a 15 hour game if you keep dieing or messing up. anyway get it some how!!!!!

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    ya thanks man. its a prob wit da sound card.
    it happen when eax is on, but my card is a soundblaster 5.1, so i dunno, im just gonna leave it off.


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