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Thread: Avi _ Dvdr

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    I just bought me a DVD Burner 8X, I want to burn MPEG-AVI , files to a DVD so i can view it in my dvdplayer... Ive read nearly everything from DOOM9 , vcdhelp, and this other on there.... I also downloaded a bunch of programs they recommend and such but I still don't get how to get it done,

    Its to much reading and to many programs to do it... Is there a easier way , a program that has it all in one? instead of other those encoders , ripper avi2vcd I really dont know whats best for me.... ::confused:: guess cause im new

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    if you want your DVD-player to play back your videos, you'll prolly have to go with either normal DVD's or (S)VCD

    to burn as (S)VCD you will have to re-encode your AVI/MPEG file...... you can use one of the programs described in the guides, or the one in NERO (im gonna get yelled at for saying that, but it works fine for me.......... if you're lazy like me, go with nero, just dont expect great quality....... you'll have to use the "real" programs for that
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it


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