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Thread: Mirc Problem

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    so here it goes: after i find a file i want to download and put in whatever command is needed, when the file is sent to me, it wont download... so i figure its a problem with the bot, so i move on to the next, but almost all of them do that to me. i use sygate personal firewall and have mirc set so that it allows it, but even if i turn my firewall off, it still does it to me... i cant think of what to do. i have version 6.14, should i get an older version? any help or input is greatly appreciated, thank you

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    Have you ever had a transfer work?

    If not, check your ignore options (Options>DCC>Ignore). Disable ignore and uncheck "turn ignore back on in:"

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    ive gotten transfers before. i had to reinstall mirc recently and since then it hasnt been working right (guess i should have mentioned that above, sorry). all my options are the same as they were before. ignore is off and the "turn back on" option is off too. the files are sent to me and i can accept them, but after that, it wont let me connect to the bot, thus i cant download, it just sits there and quits because of timing out...

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    If your options are the same as they were when it was working before, then it's probably just a case of very bad luck


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