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Thread: Hiss When Recording

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    I am a singer but when I record files in acid I want to turn them up so you can hear it right with the music... but even with gain off, it still hisses, is there somethin special i can download or somethin in acid that will elminate the hiss and make the recording sound clearer even with the file turned up??



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    Well first thing you want to do is check all your connections. Use quality mikes, cables and sound card. Mute everything in except for the 1. input your recording in 2. Output to your speckers.

    Your recording software should have a "nosie gate" feature. Sounds below a certain volume should be cut off if set right.

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    lol thanks for the reply

    but i dont understand Mute everything in except for the 1. input your recording in 2. Output to your speckers.
    i get the rest though



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    He's saying mute everything except your mic input and your speaker output.
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    Look around for "noise reduction" information. A lot of recording software has filters that can help remove the noise. I personally use Adobe Audition to record. Its noise reduction filter has worked great.

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    You can try this. I don't know if it will work for you so back up before you do anything. B)

    Hum noise eraser 1.6
    Powerful and simple to use hum noise eraser that removes unwanted cyclic noise from WAV file. Especially, this software has been tuned to remove the following annoying noise: * 50/60Hz hum noise * Constant motor/fan rotation noise * Digital clock leakage in the high frequency domain


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