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Thread: Vinyl 2 Cd/mp3

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    hi every one, i need some advice.
    ive decided to try to transfer my vinyl collection to, cd/mp3.
    ive got upwards of 150 albums, 150 12" singles & 100 or so 7" singles all eighties stuff.
    basically what do i need ive got the turntable got the pc.
    any one recommend any software or how to go about it?

    any pointers appreciated.
    thanks in advance,


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    you need to try something like easy cd creator platinum

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    Connect a single rca from your turntable or your stereo out to your comp (ex. auxilary in) Then you must record the audio in realtime to your pc with any recorder that you have on your pc. Then you can use Majix Audio Cleaning Lab to clean it up and set the tracks and burn to cd, or convert to mp3, This program does it all!

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    Also Steinberg Clean will specifically allow you to make digital recordings of vinyl with tools to clean up and repair the audio if needed. Its fairly easy to use and has a handy wizard to get you started.


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    thanks 4 your replys,
    gonna start d/l ing ezdc 6, majix & steinberg now, & see how it goes.

    thanks again,



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