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Thread: Access Denied

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    I have messed up. Trying to block access to my files on the pc. i appear to have blocked access for everyone!!!!!

    i now cant open the folder or change the permissions back!!

    how do i get around this?

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    Reboot to SafeMode-log in as admin-change the settings back

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    i remember doing that myself.......... only i blocked acces 2 windows.......... even to windows itself......

    to recover i had 2 take an old HDD from another comp, insert it as primary HDD, install XP on it, and use the "new" admin to change the settings

    btw, if you want to deny acces to one person to a particular folder or drive, you can best do this:
    goto properties-> security-> Add-> advanced-> find now
    click on the user name
    press "ok"
    press "ok"
    then check "full controll" under DENY

    this will keep your settings as is, with the difference being that only that specific user wont have access............ its prolly the safest way (apart from not messing with security settings )
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