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Thread: How Do I Deal With Large .exe Files?

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    Hi everyone,
    I've recently downloaded a couple of programs and I have no idea how to install them. Fo example I have Jedi Academy in two parts bot files are bout 650mb and have the file extension .exe on the end, when I try to run them nothing happens. Are these disc images that need to be burned, if so how do I go about that? Please help.

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    What are they named exactly? Is it something like 'BLah_Blah.Bin.exe' or 'BLah_Blah.iso.exe'?

    That probably means that it is a BIN or ISO file(CD image) that has been renamed so that Kazaa will see it as a Program.

    If so rename the file with the right extension (.bin or .Iso - Note: BIN files Need a .CUE file to burn) and either burn them or use s'thing like ISOBuster to open them and extract the files.

    If none of these apply, Give us the File names. (Did you check Taskmanager to see if any Process is running that isn't normally? Taskmanager = CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

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    wipe 709 covered what i was going to say except u do not need a cue to burn a bin file it just makes it simplier

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    Thanks for the ISObuster tip Wipe709, that worked perfectly with a couple of the files I had, but the Jedi Academy files don't appear to work with ISObuster. The exact file neame is: SWJKJA_P.EXE . I tried converting a copy of it to an ISO and a Bin and in ISOBuster nothing appears on the track contents listing. Any other ideas?
    Thanks for you help,

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    Have you scanned them for viruses?
    Try Winiso to convert to Iso (no harm in trying).

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    I'm pretty sure it's not an ISO, I've tried everything but it doesn't act like one. I have scanned it - I looks safe.
    Any other suggestions or should I just delete these files?
    Thanks again.

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    try renameing the extention to .rar

    then see if winrar with extract it mate


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