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Thread: Winning Eleven 8 Announced

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    It looks like the soccer fever is staying with Konami.

    Konami of Japan has announced the forthcoming World Soccer Winning Eleven 8, for release on the PlayStation 2 this *Japan. The game will feature over 130 playable teams in Master League mode, as well as a new system that helps you even out the growth and decline of your system's particular talents, so you can tweak them to become better at certain things.

    There's no word yet on a US release, or if the game will even be present at the forthcoming E3 event, but Winning Eleven 7 did pretty well for Konami, so there's always a chance it'll show up.

    * The guys at yahoo games domain made a mistake.
    Any1 excited bout it?
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    i'm always excited about a new PES/ISS/WE game - but i always get worried that they've gone so far that they can't improve anymore


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