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Thread: Burning Video Games

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    I'm new here and I was just wondering if you can burn xbox, PS2 or psx games and how.

    Is there any way I could use the cds on the console without a MOD-chip?
    How and if not do you think installing a mod chip won't cause problems to the console?

    I have read you usually use Nero. What kind of blank cd do I use?

    Thanks to those who replied!

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    Hi, You need a mod-chip to play burned games on PS2 and I believe you can also get one for Xbox, or maybe thats just for DVDs. Im not sure but my buddy just got the chip for PS2.

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    yeah you need a mod chip on both the ps2 and xbox consoles to play ripped games, if your going to be serious about it though you realy need a dvdrw, unless you want your games to be on 3 or 4 cds and thats withought the fmv etc.

    If you want to download ps2 xbox games then the majority will be about 600meg .rars, and will already have most of the fmv ripped out of them, ive been trying to find somwhere where i can get full games 4.7gig or even 8 gig on the xbox, but i think the only place your going to get them is dc++ and thats if your very lucky.

    I hate it when i get a game and everything is cut out, like toca on the ps2 the only reason i wanted it was for the story in it, thought it would be a nice change from just racing and racing aka: gran turismo all the time, got it and thats all it was all the story had been cut out, was on 2 cds and it kept crashing.

    when i get my dvdrw in a couple of months im going to (try) to rip ps2 and xbox games onto my hdd and share them on the various networks out there, see if they will take off but i think an 4gig or 8 gig download might be to much for most ppl, but im going to give it a go.

    good luck in finding the info you want though, just do a search either on the forum or on google and im sure you will find it ok.

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    I'm wondering... do you think downloading and ripping video games are more practical than buying them?

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    best bet is to buy the games. a dvd rw drive cost much

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    Yeah... I guess so... I don't know anything about these stuff anywayz...
    Thanks guys

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    the new sony dvdrw only costs 200 $300 for the internal one so thats only 5 full priced games, so i would say if you can afford to fork out for 5 games then you can afford a dvdrw and if you rip 5 full games then thats your money back. Obviously if you already get coppied games of a friend then is a lot more games but if you pay full price then i would definately recomend a dvdrw and a mod chip, you will see the benefits of this within the first month, the only problem is you will be spending all your time downloading/ripping/burning, that you wont have any time to play the games you get .

    good luck again and roll on my dvdrw.



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