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Thread: What Dvd Creating Software To Go For?

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    I need a little help,

    now i've made dvds but not converted from another format to dvd or created dvd menus

    what is the best app out there for EASE of use not just features?

    I wanna convert divx/Xvid to dvd and create a menu?

    Please only one application not loads to get to a finished product

    what about DVDIT?

    is there an app that will convert the file for you and allow you to make the menu and burn it?
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    i use main concept mpeg encoder to convert from avi / divx to mpeg ( dvd compatble )

    then use tmpgenc dvd creator to make the menu&#39;s ect and burn it to dvd with the same product ( it has its own built in burning software )

    dvdit , is a big program, but i think it can do what you want , but it doesnt have the control of the above products

    there are quite a few ways of doing this , just play around and see which one works for you


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