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Thread: Something Fishy...

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    A friend of mine has had a weird problem - he kept being prompted to install the same XP update (KB835732). I told him to remove the update - my guess was as good as his - redownload, and reinstall it. Everything went smooth until reboot; I wasn't there, but the machine took ages to start then reported it had recovered from a "critical failure". The update warning hasn't reappeared, though.

    Normal hiccup or a possible problem ?

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    IIRC there was a critical update that addressed erroneous 'system has recovered form a critical failure' messages which was incorporated into SP1. If SP1 has been installed, though, it shouldn't be that.
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    instead of installing that update from the critical updates web site, download it directly from MS and then install it. I had to do this on some computers.

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    I'll pass on the message.


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