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Thread: From Download To Playback In Dvd Player

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    Can someone please help me? I'm at my end. I have several movies that dl in Xvid. I have several conversion programs - Virtual Dub, Tmpenc and several authoring programs - Nero (the latest) Nerovision, Magix Movies to DVD and Instant VOB. I can't seem to burn a DVD that will play in any of my stand alone DVD players or on my Power DVD on the computer for that matter (they will play in WP). The Magix program just crashes anytime I try to do anything.

    Could someone please give me a step by step guide (please don't send me to - been there/done that) on how to convert and burn so that I can watch these movies? My burner is a DVD-RW/CD-RW (Pioneer). I am trying to burn onto DVD-R 4.7 GB disks. My stand alones are a JVC and a Toshiba. Both support DVD-R, etc. The JVC will also play SVCD and MP3. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could help.

    Note: I did try to follow some of the tips on other posts and I was able to convert via Virtual Dub and Tmpenc. The resulting video looked good on WP. However, to burn on Nero or Instant Vob you need files of the typeBup, ifo, or vob. I couldn't figure out how to get those file types from Tmpenc. When I tried to burn with the .mpg file type it was unplayable.


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    DVDs are authored, not encoded. Its easy to convert DVDs to other formats, nearly impossible to do the reverse. With your DVD-R drive, you can download full movies formatted to DVD-R, but they are usually 4.4 gig files, which can take days to download. Or, you can copy DVDs to DVD-R. That's about it. There may be a way to put a few SVCD movies on a disc, then create a simple menu to select the files, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

    TMPGEnc will not convert movie files to .vob, sorry. B) --

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    First, encode you avi's to mpg's (MPEG 1) then get Ulead DVD movie factory and add your mpg's and that will convert/author into vob's/ifo's and the like.

    Go here for more info:

    Ulead DVD movie factory can be found on Kazaa Lite:

    File:Ulead Movie Factory V2.exe

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