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Thread: Home Of Kazaa Lite 2.6 And All Mod

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    No advertising, also:

    Originally posted by board rules
    It is not allowed to link to websites that contain malicious content (this includes scripts) or excessive pop-ups.
    BOT Torrents, movies, games, porn, music, hacks, cracks.

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    Old news and a lot of ADVERTISING .You already posted on ZEROPAID twice .

    POST 1

    POST 2

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    are you a freakin' loser or what? klite is full of crap and you are asking us veterans to use that crapy app with lousy contents. You make yourself look like a noob.

    now get off this board before you have to make me go and reach for my shotgun

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    yes old news, but doesnt hurt to recycle it. Torrents, movies, games, porn, music, hacks, cracks.

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