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Thread: Macromedia Pop-up

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    i was at a funny game/movie website and i clicked on a movie. it said i had to install soem macxromedia 7 player. then it said i had to restart for the new system settigns to take effect. did i just dl some type of spyware?

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    no thats macromedia flash player, a lot of websites use it to play flash video files. it isnt spyware, dont worry.

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    alright good. the pop-up keeps comign up though. telling me to click yes or no. if i click no the file still plays.

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    omg....ROSSCO_2004 ur avatar is damn funny...LMFAO

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    Macromedia players do not usually require a system restart for you to view Flash or Shockwave productions. I've never seen that, it sounds more like a drive-by spy/malware download.
    Also, if a box has told you that you need to download something to view the file, but you can still see it if you click No, I'd suggest an online virusscan, then cleaning with Spybot and Adaware.
    After that, scan with HijackThis but don't fix anything yet, just post the results of the scan in this thread - you don't want to start removing stuff that's needed.

    If you visit a page and a box comes up with a message starting something like this:
    Do you want to download and install "You must click yes to this requester otherwise your file will not work" from
    ...just keep clicking No until the box goes away and you'll get what you wanted anyway. A pucker/bona-fide plugin or required download would always have it's name in the space provided (between the quotemarks ""), not some crap like that. Blindly clicking Yes to those requesters is a bloody good way to get spyware/malware/trojans on your system.
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