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Thread: Unreal 2....was I The Only Person Disappointed?

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    Just wondering if anyone else felt the same way. It took me only 12-18 hours to finish the game. Thats not bad for a FREE game you get off Kazaa, but I shelled out 50 bucs for that short game. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a pretty game, but graphics aren't the only thing needed these days.

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    I thought it was an excellent game - definetly a little short though. don't feel too bad for yourelf though I spent $50 on impossible creatures - and boy did that suck

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    I'm still hacking away at UII, It looks pretty nice but the gameplay is a bit linear....still enjoying it though, I would reccommend playing before paying.

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    Never got a change to play it properly as it stutters too much on my PC Guess I should be upgrading my RAM to 512MB {g}


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