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Thread: D/l Speed

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    Any assistance on this topic would be appreciated. I've spent a couple of hours already on this board looking for a similar topic but haven't had any luck.

    Anyway, I've used klite for over a year now with no problems whatsoever. I'm connecting on a home PC to a wireless broadband connection, no router or anything like that.

    2 days ago, I decided to format my hard drive and reinstall my OS and programs. No problem -- I downloaded klite 2.4.3 and installed it. Ever since then, I have been unable to download from any single source on the klite network at a greater speed than .95kbps.

    Just prior to my format/reload, I was able to download at speeds you'd expect from my broadband connection -- often I'd get 50,60,70 kbps from single sources and up to 120 kbps combined.

    After the format, I'm getting squat. For example, I'm currently trying to figure this out and am downloading a movie. I'm downloading this movie from 16 different sources right now, NONE of the sources are going faster than .95 kbps, for a grand total speed of just over 6kbps.

    No matter what I download, I never get any single source over .95 kbps.

    I installed klite off a fresh format/reload and selected the broadband option when installing.

    I've turned off my firewall in an attempt to troubleshoot this -- I'm simply connecting directly to the internet right now.

    A couple of other things......... my uploads are following the same pattern. All my uploads are showing less than 1kbps whereas I used to routinely upload up to 20-25 kbps to a single user or combined. They're showing the same horribly slow speed that my downloads are showing.

    Additionally, other internet connections (such as downloading an update from the windows update servers) are quite fast -- I've hit over 100kbps on several occasions since the format downloading from other programs EXCEPT with klite.

    Anyone had a similar problem or have any idea what the heck might be going on? I'm sitting here on the exact same PC, exact same web connection, as I had before, I'm able to get excellent download speeds with EVERYTHING else I'm using except klite. I can't remember the klite version I was using before.

    Any/all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    have you tried jumping or changing supernodes??

    how many downloads do you have

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    Yes -- I've tried probably a half dozen different supernodes. I'm currently just trying to download the one file that I know has a lot of sources to work on this -- I did notice that the last time I jumped supernodes, a couple of the sources started out at 18kbps and 22 kbps but immediately jumped below that 1kbps ceiling that I'm seeing. I'm really kind of stumped on this one -- since everything else is working and other d/l speeds are normal, I'm telling myself that this is a really obvious fix but I'll be darned if I can find it right now.

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    so how many downloads do you have at a time??

    also this could be your supernode (get a whole new list) or your isp

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    I have had probs like this too...but I am currently on cable. Dl's were SOOO slow, the 56k'ers were just a blurrr flying by! Tried everything I could think ALOT here too, tried suggestions and such to no avail.

    Then one day...It dawned on me! Could it be the real-time virus scanner slowin it down? Ah ha! disabled realtime scanning and oooops there it was! The speeds did increase some. Ok...time to enable the real time virus scanner...yep, yep. IT slowed to a crawl. I am not suggesting to go with out a real time scanner...hey, it has saved me more than enough times.

    I did a complete uninstall of the antivirus program, cheched registry to be sure it was "clean"....and did a fresh install. Ran my little test again...with...without. This did seem to make a difference. Just a (loonngg) thought here.

    Also look at what is runnin at the same time. There are 11 little icons in my system tray right now...and K-lite is runnins a bit slow. If I want to speed up the dl's...I close out some of thoes programs.

    When I had 56k...I noticed that programs like GO-back, some realtime virus scanners and other "in memory" programs can slow it down.

    Do you use k-lite AND anothe P2P at the same time??? One can seem fast, and the other slow....because the fast one is using the rescources..... You can only fit so many camels through the eye of a needle, if you know what i mean. (tested this theory out on THIS pc for about a month....and held true for THIS pc.

    Hope this can help, even if it is just to know your not alone out there with this type of a prob.

    Lady Arionna

    <breakin her vow of "lurkerhood" >

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    What OS are you using and what else have you installed back on that may be slowing it down. If you are on XP did you turn off the firewall. If you have another firewall have you allowed KL full access, and if you are behind a router you may need to reconfig your settings.


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