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    Based on GnucDNA, Kiwi Alpha uses the same peer 2 peer technology now used by Morpheus, one of the leading file sharing programs today.

    Kiwi Alpha supports the well known Gnutella and the newer G2 networks.

    With Kiwi Alpha you can easily download any media type such as audio, video, images, documents and software.

    We didn't include player or chat functionality because these features usually tend to use a lot of system resources on your computer. We concentrated on searching and downloading while also providing an easy to use play list.

    With Kiwi Alpha you can download from:


    Kiwi Alpha Features

    super lightweight
    completely free
    built-in play list
    no lame browsers
    no spyware or popup ads

    Image Resized' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'></a>

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    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    <a href=']WEBSITE & DOWNLOAD

    Didn&#39;t tried yet so i don&#39;t know if is really spyware free.

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    Wow, looks really good.
    Im downloading it now and when i test it out i will tell you more about it.

    by the way, does anyonme have a good internet accelerator? because since i formatted my computer i have been getting shocking speeds on my 56k.

    Downloads are sitting on 4k, which i am fine with but before i formated i got about 5.

    But the tihng is when i download my surf speed is only 300 BYTES per second, or about 1k

    sometimes this happens even when im not downloading.

    Im using the Beta version of the new Opera Browser.

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    lol, peice of junk

    Well, its alright great idea and everything but very buggy and not many features.

    The minium amount of connections you can have is 10, other than that it keeps going. if you know what i mean?

    When iwas using Gnucleus i only wanted to connect to 4-6 node things. but with this you have to connect to atleast 10-15

    I was downloading a song and while searching i couldnt stop the search to save bandwith and cpu usage etc (im very consious of cpu usage and bandwith because i am running a p2 400mhz with only 64 meg of ram and 56k modem that is slow at the moment.)

    So the search kept on oing and when iwas downloading i tried to pause the download. It then suddenley dissapeard, but down the bottom in the status bar it sais 1 download. I then tried to Cancel all downloads but it stil said 1 download. So im not sure if it has been removed from my computer. After that i just got oiut of the program and uninstalled it.

    So..I dont really reccomend this program untll it has been devolped more.

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    Just tried and this ROCKS &#33; i really love it,


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