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Thread: Open Dir Display

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    Create a new link in your favorites and paste the following in the url field:

    javascript:var sHTML=&#39;<html><head><title>gallery</title><body><center><table border=0>&#39;;var y=0;links=document.getElementsByTagName("a");for(x=0;x<links.length;x++){a=links[x].href; if (a.match(/jpeg|jpg/i)){sHTML+=&#39;<td style="border-style:solid;border-width:1px">[img]&#39;+a+&#39;[/img]</td>&#39;; if (&#33;((x+1)%5)) sHTML+=&#39;</tr><tr>&#39;}};document.body.innerHTML=sHTML+&#39;</table></center></body></html>&#39;;document.close();
    Now whenever you want to display all pictures in an open dir, you just open this favorite and it will automatically transform all links into pictures

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    damn this will save a lot of time when looking through them porn directories

    Great post mate, works a treat


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