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Thread: England World Cup Rugby Team

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    THE England rugby union side were named World Team of the Year at a sports awards ceremony today.

    The England team who beat Australia 20-17 in the dying seconds of extra-time edged out Italy's 2003 Champions League winners AC Milan, the all-conquering Australian cricket team and the equally dominant Formula One outfit Ferrari.

    I mean come on the England Rugby Union Side isnt even a side...they are a one man team and they won one thing in the hell are they team of the year...i mean without Johnny Wilkinson or whetever his name is...they wouldnt even win a game...

    The Australian Cricket Team won The OneDay World Cup and Finished Top in the test match ratings winning the test crown...what more could you ask of a team??...and ferrari is unbeatable in Formula One...

    I think its a joke that they are crowned team of the year...just because england win something for the first time in 50 years...doesnt automatically mean they should be voted the best team in the world

    what are your thoughts???

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    Well, if you knew anything about Rugby you would know that above all else, it is a true team game, and you'll never win anything unless you all play as a team and pull together.

    Jonny Wilkinson just happens to be in the right place at the right time, to kick the goals and the drop-goals, but without the rest of the team getting him into the right positions he'd never get a look-in.


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