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Thread: Nvidia Lowers Geforce 6800 Ultra Psu

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    Nvidia to lower GeForce 6800 Ultra power supply spec

    Graphics company ready to embrace friendlier, less-expensive 350W power supply recommendation for upcoming GeForce 6800 Ultra GPU.

    Ever since announcing its new next-generation GeForce 6800 Ultra GPU last month, graphics company Nvidia has received a large amount of criticism for its recommendation of a 480W power supply for use with its newest GPU. Since most of today’s computer systems only ship with power supplies in the 300-450W range, the need for a 480W power supply upgrade can add a significant add-on cost for gamers interested in buying a GeForce 6800 Ultra video card.

    We caught up with Ujesh Desai, General Manager of Desktop GPUs for Nvidia, for a quick Q&A and asked him if he could clarify the GeForce 6800 Ultra’s 480W power requirement situation for us. It turns out that Nvidia’s newest GPU isn't as power hungry as previously thought.

    GameSpot: What are the reasons behind the 480W power supply recommendation for the GeForce 6800 Ultra?

    Ujesh Desai: We have to spec our products for the absolute worst case, not the best. Marginal power supplies and poorly ventilated cases must be taken in to account. We are traditionally over-cautious about our minimum specifications, and this is no exception. Now that we have had more time with the GPU we are getting a better feel for its capabilities, tolerances and resource requirements.

    The reason we initially spec'ed out 480W was because the GeForce 6800 Ultra was targeted at the Enthusiast. These folks tend to push their systems to the max. That means overclocking the GPU, using the fastest CPU on the market, and also typically using multiple peripherals. For these folks a 480 Watt power supply and a second power dongle on the graphics card provide an ideal overclocking solution. For people that do not want to overclock, the 480W power supply and second power connector combination is overkill.

    GS: Since a 480W power supply is “overkill,” what kind of sub-480W power supply can support a GeForce 6800 Ultra running at normal clock speeds?

    UD: A good quality 350 Watt power supply with a sufficient 12V rail pull can support the 6800 Ultra standard clocks of 400/550. A lot of reviewers have already shown that they are running on 350 Watt power supplies with no problems. Overclockers will still want the big power supply and will want to connect both molex connectors. We are putting production tests in our manufacturing line to ensure this [new 350W requirement] is the case and will be lowering the spec.

    GS: Is Nvidia working on defining more specific power supply recommendations or even going as far as "qualifying" specific power supplies to replace the blanket 480W recommendation?

    UD As long as the power supply design is robust, we’ve seen that standard 350 Watt power supplies are sufficient for running the GeForce 6800 Ultra. 350 Watt will be the new specification. Our add-in-card partners will also help with the testing, as different card designs can affect power requirements.

    GS: Thanks for clearing the situation up for us, Ujesh!

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    Won't that reduce it's abilaty to do.... graphics....

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    From what I can work out unless your going to be doing some serious o/ci'ng then no, or they wouldn't have agreed to lower the psu spec if it meant taking away performance.
    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.

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    Originally posted by SciManAl@12 May 2004 - 04:28
    yeah but just up the PSU and ya should be fine right?
    i mean is the video card designed for less power now?
    No, they've lowered their reccomended PSU rating from 480 watts basically.

    Up the PSU? When you've bought a £500 card, I don't think you're going to want to spend more on a new PSU are you?

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    Originally posted by peerzyboy@11 May 2004 - 18:00
    Won't that reduce it's abilaty to do.... graphics....
    no mate the card will run with a standard pc 35owpsu as normal.Nvidia initial though of 480w isnt need'd if you hav'nt a lot of devices or mod'd with flashy lights etc or increase any of the voltage settings in bios like vcore or vdimm to overclock then it could be touch n may need to buy a new 480w psu...

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    they didnt lower the psu recomendations, they lowered the amount of other computer parts they put in the "average computer"
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    Wonder where Anandtech's updates for the 6850 have got to.

    They already had the card and drivers installed, so where are the benchies? They gave the impression it would take them a day to get them out, it's been a week now and still no news. Perhaps they had another look at their NDA.

    Edit: I bet the 6850 won't work with a 350W psu.
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