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Thread: Best Way To Get Movies

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    If I would've know this months ago I could've saved hours of looking instead of downloading. Just use Kazaa Lite's front page and go to whichever verified download website, I prefer Just open each site on their own page and look for which ever movie, app, game, whatever and click on it. Now it should take you to a website that says "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" screw that what you want is the address, click on that and copy. Then go to Kazaa Lite, Tools>Sig2Dat, open it and click on the "Paste From Clipboard" and it should be the address you just copied. Turn Kazaa Lite off and then open it up again, check on the Traffic tab and it should display whatever the movie, game, app was and then your done, sit back relax and watch movies.

    Don't forget, Share your files don't just be a Leecher, we all dislike Leechers.

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    thats a great tip......

    keep posting this kind of stuff!

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    Thanks man, gotta try that one..

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    Thanks fot that
    It worked for me

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    Nice to see that you love my site

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    Yeah, is the best place for movies. If you want even better, newer movies, go to their forum:

    It's down right now because of D.O.S attacks but it should be back up really soon.

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    Handy, gonna have to d/l the aldo vargas toolbar thingy now though!!!

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    Funny, but it took a while for me to load all the Hash;sig2dat related sites.

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    I use KaZaA Movie Finder...much better


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