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Thread: Problems Connecting

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    hello all , i cant connect to the KL main server,i have followed the troubleshooting tips on the help tab,changed the port numbers,disabled xp firewall,logged onto xp with admin but still nuttin I have recently got ADSL could that be the problem ?? any help would be greatful thnx

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    ok first off, are you behind a router and do you have a firewall??

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    hello muscleman,no i do not have a router or am i behind a firewall only thing i have is a splitter for my phone wouold that cause it to not connect './???

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    No the splitter doesn't cause the problem...

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    I cant connect to it either it just stays on connecting but never connects

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    I have a similar problem connecting, but mine IS a router. Problem is, it was designed to be idiot-proof (Microsoft Wireless-G Router), and it won't let you disable the firewall. Any suggestions?

    P.S. Sorry to hijack, but it looked like someone in here might know what to do

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    Never mind, I was using a copy of 2.1.0 I got from a coworker. Just downloaded a newer, smarter version which found it's way around my firewall. Four on the floor now, thanks guys.


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