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Thread: Hollywood

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    What is Up with The "HollyWood" Sign???

    i heard that the sign (Mega Billboard) was supposed to be put up there Temporarily.

    Yes, It has become the symbol of L.A. just like Pyramids, Eiffel Tower,TajMahal, Machu Pichu, etc

    An artist last year put the same billboard "Hollywood" outside Venice as an art Piece for the Venice Biennale.....

    and what is it with this need to destroy it?
    Iíve seen it destroyed in a few movies
    a lot of L.A.ers must have issues with it.
    "Hollywood" being destroyed in a "movie" is so pathetically self-inflicted suicidal narcissism.

    Yes, It is symbol of movie industry
    It is only a name of a Compound for gds sake, a Product
    Why then is Not the rest of Plastic Fantastic up on that Hill....Coca Cola, Silicone, LAPD ????

    Cheapest Sensational advertisement in world?

    Does The World Wonder.?.?.?.?...


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    Not only that but it's legally protected..
    You have to pay a fee to use it's image comercially..

    Also, the hill it is on is embedded with motion sensors, you are not even allowed to approach it.

    Which just goes to show you that nothing is worth anything, untill you claim it, fence it off, and refuse to let people see it.

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    I guess the masses in America never really give it a thought.
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    Originally posted by 3RA1N1AC@13 May 2004 - 02:43
    She was only twenty-four when she committed suicide.
    She achieved her dream of appearing in a motion picture, the 1932 film 'Thirteen Women.'
    It is believed by many that her ghost haunts the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign, and those that have claimed to have come into contact with her spirit feel a warm, positive vibe.


    Wow there is a Ghost there too? Guess that puts the hollywood sign up on the same level as the Pyramids

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    yes. at least on the same level as a statue of some 18th century british nobleman/admiral/fancypants/etc, that's had a traffic cone stuck on its head.


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