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Thread: Thanks - Connection

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    I am not sure if this got posted elsewhere as of course my newbbie status makes me.. well a dink, so if it's already posted more than once.. sorry!

    Well I am a newbie. And yesterday after a few hours of trying to figure it out and not connecting, I started reading the forums... and reading and reading and phew reading ... and
    today after ... reading some more I have my none connection solved and am now connected

    THANKS guys for writing so much on what the troubles could be.... all solved and I never had to say "Help" not once ))

    Just wanted to say thanks

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    If only all new members were more like yourself


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    Hey Bzzzz, welcome to the wonderful world of Filesharing.

    If you have a minute perhaps you could add a post here with the particular connecting problem(s) you had and the solution you found.
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    Oh of course
    My problem was I could not connect.

    I tried almost everything I could find to fix it, Firewall, ports yadda yadda

    But then I upgraded, and it worked. So I think for me just upgrading worked but then maybe it was a combination.

    Sorry could not be more helpful. But everythign I read helped me to understand more so in that aspect I am thankful!

    I am now trying to figure out how to set my filters so I get more of the content I am looking for and less porn when I get my results

    I was tickled to figure out from one poster how to take a movie into animation shop and make short gifs.. that was cool

    Love the forum!

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    As a longtime user of KaZaA Lite, I got the error message upon trying to open that my user name was no longer in the registry, so I reinstalled KaZaA Lite and now cannot connect! In reading this thread in your forum, it was said by one user that he installed a later version. I am now using 2.1.0. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME where I can download a later version! :helpsmile:

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    Thanks to these wonderful threads, after hours of research, I found a download site with version 2.4. Thanks, everyone!


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