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Thread: Aim

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    my aim buddy list keeps flashing. in like 10 minute intervals, it will flash maybe 4 times, then stop. is it a virus?

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    Originally posted by Legolas@13 May 2004 - 02:59
    is it a virus?
    only one way that i know of is to scan ur comp

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    your not running kazaa lite are you? sometimes if i leae mine searching then each time the autosearch more kicks in the screen flickers, and games run really slow. that could be happening to you.

    other ideas are to run a virus scan, run a spyware scan, and reinstall aim.

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    there is an option in the prefrences that if checked the buddy list will flash wen buddies sign on/off, make sure it is unchecked.

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    Even though I've been using Trillian (I didn't want a program for every IM protocol) and haven't used AIM in a while, I seriously doubt it's a virus. It's more likely to be what was already said. Either a program running that's taking system resources or something in your preferences.

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