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Thread: Edit Details Option In Kl

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    New Forum User Here: I would like to make some detail changes to my KL files before burning them to a CD. I noticed when I right click the file, select Edit Details, then Category, there are only defined genre to choose from, e.g., I can't create a category title of my own, like "50's Oldies"...etc. However I did see a category in the drop down, stating "Country Jack Greene. I'm sure Jack Greene is not that popular of an old artist to have his own category. Is there in fact a way I can create a generic category of my choosing, and add/delete selections from the default drop down list??????

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    Normally you should be able to type in anything you want.
    Well,i can anyway.
    Maybe you have an older version of k-lite,but normally you should be able to do this.


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    kazaa just reads in the genre's from the existing ID3 tags in the mp3s
    so to add a genre you need to edit the metadata of one of your mp3s with winamp or any program that edits mp3 metadata, then that genre will be in the pulldown list

    EDIT: you can also drag/drop your "Country Jack Greene" file into another pre-existing genre to "clean up" your my folder view

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    Also, editing the details in kazaa Lite does not change the ID3/ID2 tags, only the details in KL's file database, to if you want to change the ID3/ID2 tags of the actual files you'll have to get a separate ID3/ID2 tag editor. (or use winamp)

    The one I use is called mp3ext .


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