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Thread: Non Connect Probs

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    hi all

    a quick question..
    any idea why 9 times out of 10 I can't connect with a user when I attempt to download a file? used to work great... now it's hit or miss... usually miss.. :helpsmile:
    any advice ?

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    Make sure that in settings you don't display search results for people with local IP addresses, and also filter out the users who are behind firewalls.

    This should result in your getting more "downloadable" search results, but remember that often your ability to download also depends on the ability of the guy at the other end to upload.

    Use the builtin accelerator to automatically find more sources every so often, to keep your downloads ticking over at a reasonable rate..

    other than that, it just takes patience I'm afraid..

    Alternatively, try some different networks!


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