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Thread: Id Card Public Meeting

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    I doubt if I can make it ...but info for anyone interested


    The (almost) final line-up of speakers for the ID card meeting next
    Wednesday is below. It's going to be a packed and fascinating afternoon!


    Wednesday 19th May 2004
    13.30 - 17.00 hrs

    The Old Theatre, London School of Economics
    Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

    Organised by Privacy International
    in association with Liberty, Statewatch,
    & the Foundation for Information Policy Research

    Hosted by the Department of Information Systems
    of the London School of Economics

    The government has introduced draft legislation for a national identity
    card. The card system will cost at least 3 billion and is likely to
    become an essential part of life for everyone residing in the UK.

    If the draft legislation is accepted by Parliament, everyone will be
    required to register for a card. Biometric scans of the face, fingers
    and eye will be taken. Personal details will be stored in a central
    database. A unique number will be issued that will become the basis for
    the matching of computer systems.

    The proposed card may be required to access vital public services and to
    receive benefits. The government proposes to enforce the programme
    through numerous new criminal and civil offenses, including provision
    for unlimited financial penalty and up to ten years' imprisonment.

    The implications for everyone in the UK are far-reaching.

    Join us at this important meeting to hear from key figures in the fields
    of law, politics, security, technology and human rights. Decide for
    yourself whether this is a plan that should be supported.

    The meeting is free of charge to members of the public.

    Draft programme (subject to change)

    13.30 Welcome. Simon Davies, London School of Economics

    13.35 The Rt. Hon David Blunkett, Home Secretary (invited)

    13.50 The Rt. Hon David Davis MP, Shadow Home Secretary

    14.00 Mark Oaten MP, Lib-Dem Home Affairs spokesman
    David Winnick MP, Labour
    Simon Thomas MP, Plaid Cymru
    Lord Phillips of Sudbury

    14.40 Q&A with audience

    14.50 Dr Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General, Muslim Council of

    15.00 Karen Chouhan, Executive Director, 1990 Trust

    15.10 Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty

    15.20 Q&A with audience

    15.35 Roger Smith, Director, JUSTICE

    15.45 Paul Whitehouse, former Chief Constable, Sussex Police

    15.55 Q&A with audience

    16.10 Peter Williamson, President of the Law Society

    16.20 Professor Ross Anderson, Cambridge University

    16.30 Jonathan Bamford, Assistant Information Commissioner

    16.40 Q&A with audience

    16.55 Next steps

    17.00 Close

    Please email if you wish to register.

    Media enquiries should be directed to

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    Interesting. I might just turn up as I normally have Wednesday's off work. Might be able to get some facts out once and for all about this scheme.

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    If you do go, I would be interested in what you discover...You could pm me or start a thread...up to you.


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